Making the Light: Stage 4

During the other other stages, I was working on the top of the light. I began by putting on my 3D print. Whilst the triangles printed perfectly, however the rings did not, every time either failing due to printer error or, slight warping occurred making it no good to take a cast from. So I decided to laser cut 3 layers of 5mm acrylic and glue them together taking a cast from them. The outer ring however caused much more of an issue. Because the 3D printers failed to print the outer ring accurately I decided to CNC it, however this did not work at all, with the CNC making toolmarks which were too bad to get rid off through sanding down, which I tried on the lath. I then tried to laser cut it engraving the recess I required but It couldn’t engrave deep enough. I thought that I could layer together 2 different sizes of plastic to chart a recess, see below for pictures. In addition to this machine down the resin didn’t really work, it was just too flexible and it didn’t feel safe doing it. I have now decided to make the whole of the top ring out of different layers of material. I have two options to decide between, layers of acrylic and MDF where the MDF is in the centre and the light actually face outward which is different to the originally design, or keep the original design no make the outer rings out of MDF, getting the laser cutter to engrave a recess big enough to hold the lights. I am going to test out both and see which one works the best. Of course making the ring out of layers isn’t ideal as they will never perfectly line up and you will always be able to see that they are layers, but it will have to be this way for this prototype. Additionally I want to paint the lower half of the triangle on the top of the light and then keep the top half of the triangle see through. This will eliminate the possibility of having a bit of a nasty join which looks like a split, rather making it a feature and having two contrasting finishes.

I have also installed the magnets into the Bronze, I used the glue gun to isolate the magnets in the end which worked well, but installing the magnets so tat there was a even layers of glue around the magnet was very tricky, but below you can see the finish result. I now need to install the power cable and wax the bronze so it doesn’t tarnish and change colour as you can see in the Image it has already!

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