Making The Light: Stage 2

After completing the shapes, I had the tricky and time consuming process of drilling the holes precisely. Initially I had planned to used a laser cut template to mark out the hole. However I found this too inaccurate in experiments so my method was use vernier callipers which measure with a 0.1mm tolerance. I then measure 9.0 mm exactly from the edge of the triangle and mark and x. Then I used a centre punch to make a small indent so the drill bit couldn’t slip and not cut a hole out of line. After I had made the effort to mark the triangles accurately drilling the holes was straightforward using a jig to hole the triangles in place. The harder bit was then using a smaller drill bit to cut all the way through the the tangle to get to make a hole for the wire. It was tricky to get the hole to match up each size as the drill about was not long enough. I used a Dremel to open up the holes a bit which sorted that problem out. I then began to wire in my magnets which is when I came up against a large problem. Soldering the magnets actually reduced the strength of the magnet due to the heat. Some of the magnets lost half or event 3/4 of their powers making them almost useless. After a bit of research into things such as conductive glue I realised the best method was to buy some thinner magnets and solder the wire to these no worrying about the loss in power because they would be attached to the larger magnets transferring the electricity to the. This meant that I needed to drill the holes a bit deeper but it sorted the problem out.

Wiring everything together took far longer than I expected as it was incredible fiddly and complicated. I had to devolve a way to get the both the magnets to stay in place without having to glue them overnight and hold them in perfect place. I used a hot glue gun for this as it allowed rapid drying time whilst also enabling me to change the magnets if they went in wrong as I could just heat heat up the magnets which would melt the glue allowing me to get it back out. A common problem that happened would be the glue would only stick to the smaller magnets and not holding the larger magnet in place meaning I would have to take it all out and encase both in glue, heating up the magnets so the glue stayed wet until it was in place and as the magnets cooled down, the glue cured. It was a painstaking process and if I was to repeat the process I would need to think of a quicker way of doing this. As if it as complex enough, when I finally finished them all and tested it out, it didn’t work because a number of magnets were ever-so-slightly below the surface of the wood meaning that they were not actually touching, meaning I had to find out which ones these were and readjust them again. I also Had to have one triangle with all of its side with magnets in so it could attach to the top light and also attach to the either triangle each side. I made the magnets which connect to the top light a gold colour to set these triangles apart from the rest.


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