Final Light

Below is the photoshoot from of my final light. I am really pleased with the results. There are still a few thinks that need attention such as the wiring of some of the triangles, as some of the triangle don’t transfer electricity. Additionally some of the magnets are too strong and smack together a bit violently and are hard to get apart, whilst some are not powerful enough. There are certain configurations where the magnets cant hold the weight of the light so this would be something I would need to think about should I continue the project. Furthermore, getting the magnets orientated the correct way round and can become quite a puzzle and whilst some might enjoy this it might become frustrating to other. If I was to sell this I would provide a neatly laid out set of visual instruction for how to use the light correctly to aid this. I would also like to re do my bronze and make the magnets better placed in the bronze and finish it with a wax coating which I didn’t get round to doing. However I feel like the this light is a basis for something that I could really develop and with a bit more designing and thinking about more efficient ways of making, I could have something that could work really smoothly. I am really pleased with the light it gives off and how the materials look together. I love how the walnut and the white triangles go together, and then those together with the bronze looks really good. Below you can see the photoshop of the lights.


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