Light Project More Ideas and Experiemnts

Now I had decided on the design for the top of my light, I needed to figure out how I was going to make it. Initially I wanted to make the base and the circle out of resin, but after some thought I realise this would make it really hard to wire in all the lighting and magnets. After further though I realised I was going to have to make it in multiple parts, and then fit it all together. Below you can see the CAD drawing showing the different components. I plan to 3D print these, take a cast from them in resin and then create the aluminium machining both the aluminium ring and resin ring to get the correct recesses to fit the LED cob into. After this is complete I will glue it all together, wiring in the magnets. I have also though about making the two parts of the triangle different colors or materials to showcase how it is made. For instance, part of it could be bronze and the other resin, allowing the light to filter though the resin, but being stopped by the bronze.


Another small alteration to the design is to do with the magnets. I realised I was going to have to make sure people don’t put the triangle the wrong way round so the negative magnet is attached to the positive magnet stopping the light from working, forcing the user to take it all apart and try and figure out which is the wrong way round! I have found some gold neodymium magnets which are exactly the same strength as a the silver version, so I could have one gold one silver to denote positive and negative. Alternatively, I could try and orientate the magnets so they actually repel each other when one is to put it the wrong way round.



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