Level 5 Constellation Reflection

I had 4 session with 2 different lecturers in the first term of this year. You can see the sessions and what we did week by week in the ‘Constellation’ folder. ‘Theory as Object’ examied how theories can shapes ones practice, understanding how ones practice can relate back to theoretical frameworks, improving, developing and contributing to them. We spent time also looking at the technicalities of reading and deciphering a text.  ‘Archeologies of Seeing and Knowing’, in these lectures we examined how objects have the ability to tell us about the past and present. Objects can hold information about who we work, how the environment around us affects us when we works and can describe a whole lots about us a the makers of that object. We looked at how we see the world around us and looked at how our perceptions of an organism can how we see it, perhaps changing how it looks to us. In these sessions we would also read various different texts and discuss their meaning and messages as a group which was really good to do.

Constellation this year has really helped me understand how to read text and gather information from the people who write and speak about topics relevant to my research. I really enjoyed the few sessions I had looking at the archeologies of seeing and knowing. It built on what we look at last year. It helped me questions what is around me and made me really think about what I make and how I make it, what affects it and why it is hopes as it is. I found it very interesting to think on what the objects I create say about me and the environment at the time I made it. Theory as objects were useful lectures mainly because of the readings we had to do; we were forced to understand how to read, decipher and talk about the academic texts. We would sit around as a group to talk about the text which helped me grasp it and use the techniques we learnt about in order to understand the text.

These techniques that I have learnt from reading texts with both of the two difference lecturers have helped me with my research for the business plan that I am proposing to do. Whilst the business plan doesn’t necessarily relate back to the work we studied in in the different sessions, I have got a lot of research to do for the business plan and the reading of texts and discussing them each week has and will continues to help me, do this efficiently. The topics we looked at this year and last year with Dr Martyn Woodward, I have found immensely interesting and will continues to affect how I think about what I make in my practice.

I was not very happy with the length of the lectures this year, at 5 hours long, by the end of the first 3 hours your really start to lag and it was very hard to concentrate and keep ones mind focused by the end of the 4th, especially when we were going through a very long and difficult to read academic text in ‘Theory as Object’. Additionally, I would have been nice if I had the option to have some more lecture on specifically starting a businesses before I had to write a proposal because it was hard to be thrown straight into writing a proposal about something that I had not looked at much before, and was very different to the philosophical lectures in “Archeologies of Seeing and Knowing’ and ‘Theory as Object’. I would have liked these lectures to include some of the key principles of running a business and some of the technicalities of this to really understand what I would be talking on by starting my own business, instead I had to read about it and try and grasp these things myself. I know this is something I would have to do anyway I just would be good if this was further research rather than starting from scratch.

For my dissertation I am intending to write a business plan. This is because I want to start a business selling the work I produce in my practice when I graduate. I will use the ways of thinking about, deciphering and using text that I have learnt in constellation to help me with this.


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