Light Project Further Design Decisions

An advancement with my light design is the top circle light that I have a recently decided on making. Below you can see some renderings of some initial ideas for the top circle, it is shown in various configurations of the triangles, giving an idea of what it might look like in the different forms of the light.

One issue I am facing with this design is how I am going to light the circle. My initial thought was to use an LED strip, but the issue with this is that the LEDs are not very diffused and are hard to diffuse without having a good distance between the diffusing sheet and the LED. This mean I would have dots of light around the circle which is not the look I was going for. So I started to look into other technologies that might provide a nice diffused circle of light. EL wire (electroluminescent wire) was the first thing I looked at. It looks like a small flexible neon strip, however it isn’t bright enough to light a work space in the day or even at dusk, it just glows which doesn’t comply with the brief. I thought about lighting the ring from below with a bright LED and then having a few coils of EL wire to provide a glow inside the circle. However, the LED requires a different current to the EL wire and so I couldn’t wire them together without trying to fit the driver inside the top of light which would be almost impossible. I also looked into fluorescent tubing, however there were no products on the market small enough for my requirement. I then found a LED cob which was a circle the perfect size. These LEDs are usually used in the headlights of cars such as BMWs, to provide and attractive circle of light, know as Angles Eyes. However, this is forward facing lighting so it would light the edge of the ring not the center. I decided that I could have two of these rings facing each other inwards, encased in a frosted resin or acrylic ring with a thin ring of aluminium on the edge with a recess in the inside to fit the rings, concealing them. (see below for pictures) This aluminium ring on the edge of the circle could provide a nice finish to the top circle light. One thing I need to be careful of is the weight. It needs to be light enough for the magnets to hold it in place.

Alongside this design I have also decided that I want to have the triangle where the power cable comes into, to be made out of bronze. This will not only give stability to the base of the light due to the weight of the bronze, but it will also give the triangle with the power cable coming in a sort of importance. Additionally, the bronze will contrast beautifully with the walnut and white shapes.


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