Light Project Update and Experiments

Now that my medal project has finished as well as my long field project I have picked up from where I left off with my light project. I started continuing experimenting with how to make my wooden triangles. I was not really happy with making the triangles out of two parts and fitting them as you would see a join down the middle of the triangle. So I tried layering some wood up and then hollowing it out once the wood had been cut into the correct triangle shape. This however didn’t work very well as the pressure from the mortiser split the wood at the join. Below you can see this problem. You can also see an image of where I have tried to drill the triangle instead of using the mortiser, however this was also no go!

I have decided that the best way of going about creating a hollow triangle is to layer up the wood but not glue it, mark on the shape of the triangle and then cut the middle out of the individual layers, making sure I don’t cut outside the mark for the triangle. Then glue the layers together and cut out the triangle shape. This will mean inside the triangle it is hollow already. I have also been experimenting with the possibility of using strips of acrylic in the triangles to allow to light through some of them. Where the acrylic joins the wood could be where the triangle splits in two, disguising the joins. Below you can see some quick sketchup drawings of what this might look like. The yellow lines are where the light strips would be.

In addition to this I have been thinking about the light orb on the top of the light which is the main light source. Inspired by the below picture I have decided to make a circle light at the top of my light.



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