Light Project Further Experiments

I have decided to scrap the idea of the light strips running through the triangles. After doing some further renderings in CAD I felt like it over complicates the design, and brings the focus away from the materials and the raw shapes of the light.

I have also experimented with the neodymium magnets type I plan to use. I drilled some holes in some of my triangles, creating a recess for the magnets to fit into. They work perfectly, drawing the two magnets together in a very satisfying manner and holding them in place well. All I need to consider is the strength. Due to the heavy walnut wood I plan to use and the potentially heavy light on the top, I will need to carefully consider what strength the magnets are, to make sure they can hold the weight of the light, so it doesn’t all collapse.

I also tried out my new method of using layers of wood with cut out centers to create the hollow triangle shape. However, I realized that now I wasn’t going to have acrylic stripes running through the triangles, I had no need for there to be an LED inside the shapes and thus no complex wiring, I might be over complicating things. I decided to simply drill a recess for the magnet to go into and then drill a smaller hole to thread the wire into, wiring one magnet to the other. I experimented with this and it worked fine. It took a few attempts to get the wire hole to match the magnet recess on both sides however. Because I needed to get every triangle exactly the same, with all the holes being drilled in the exactly the same place in each triangle, I created a laser cut template to mark out the shapes with as well as jig to hold the triangles in for more accurate drilling. Once I had made the templates, I used the triangle one to create three triangles, sanding them down to the prefect size. I then used the negative part of the cut out to hold the triangle whilst drilling the holes (see below for pictures). I then used the square template to drill the holes in the same place every time so they matched perfectly. I followed this by taking a smaller drill bit and drilled all the way through the triangle, so wire could be threaded through. This method of creating the triangles was very effective and I made three triangles exactly the same.



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