Finished Medal Project For BAMS

The final thing I did for my medal before I submitted it was to create a box for it. This was a case of taking normal box and layering cardboard up inside it in the correct diameter to fit my medal in, and then covering this with black velvet to bring out the bright colors of the pewter and bronze. Below you can see finished picture of the box and the medal with it in.

Below are some final picture of the medal.

I am really pleased with the result of many weeks work! I have learnt so much doing this projects and tried so many new processes that I had very little knowledge of prior to this project. I knew that getting rings to fit into each other, without using a rod running through the middle, and in pewter of all materials, was going to be tricky and it really really was! But through the developments(due to all the mistakes and failures) of the process to creating these rings, I have manged to pull it off, with the rings rotating very well. I wouldn’t say I am a big fan of pewter as a material, but I really enjoyed working with bronze and I hope I might be able to integrated it into some of my future projects. My Medal Is now being judged by the judges at the British Art Medal Society which is great feeling!


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