Medal Making Part 5

I have made the second part to my mold ready for pouring peter. I had to cut pour holes at the side of the pewter so I would pour the pewter with the moulds on their side. I hope this will make the pewter take to the texture and shape better, using gravity. Below you can see the moulds in two parts.

I then started pouring the pewter. Whilst the shapes took very well, at the top of the mould where the pewter was pouring in, the was a dip and dent in the shape.

To solve this I put the pour holes at the top instead, and sealed the side ones up, and just to layed the mould flat. This did mean there was a slight dip in the back, where the pewter warps around the pour hole, but I can smooth this out on the metal lath. The main bit, the edges, were perfect and I was really pleased with the outcome. All I have to do now is to machine the back of the pewter rings.

Another thing I did this week was my Bronze pour which was great fun and such a good experience. The process was as follows; We first re-heated the ceramic trees in the kiln and then the left them in the oven to keep them hot ready for pouring. We then cut up some Bronze ingots and placed them into a crucible to be melted down. We then did a cold run to practice lifting the crucible out and into the kiln. Then we waited whilst the bronze melted down, finally kitting up in leathers and a helmets to protect us from the immense heat. Then 3 people from the team took the trees out of the oven and placed them into the sand pit to hold them during pouring. We then stopped the gas and lifted the crucible out of the kiln and into the the pouring bar and then poured it into the trees, the colour of the bronze was an amazing flourecent orange colour. Below you can see some pictures.

Once this was done and everything had cooled, approx 5 hours, I broke the ceramic mould, then cut out my bronze with an angle grinder. This was quite a labour intensive process, but I got it done in a good time. Below you can see the results with all my individual bronze pieces piled up together.


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