Medal Making Part 4

I finished dipping my tree and I was ready to burn out the wax. The first thing I need to do was to file down the top of the tree, to reveal the wax so it could drip out. The  burning out process was a lot of fun. I had the job of raking the wax out of the tray below the kiln as it dripped out of the trees. Due to the high heat and flames we had to gear up in leathers and a helmets. At the start as there was a lot of flames and I was right up close to them but it calmed down as the wax all flowed out of the trees. Once it had all dripped out we fired it up to 1000 degrees for half and hour and then let it cool. Below you can see the kiln.

I also attempted to machine my Pewter on the Metal Lath with little success unfortunately. Although the metal Lath cut the pewter fine, the pewter cast of the rings was just not accurate enough. It wasn’t A. exactly flat and B. the edges were not even either so the lath would cut more off on one side than the other, resulting in the rings not fitting into each other. I also had thought that I might be able to shape a tool in the correct curve of the inner edge of the ring but I realized I would never be able to get it accurate. After some thought I decided I was going to have to suck it up and start again with the 3D print. So I made a new 3D print with new, more accurate surfaces. This time I also laser-etched the surface texture of the tree on top the plastic, in the hope that the textures of the tree rings would come out better. This took a fair bit of experimenting and one mess up but I manged it in the end! I then went about making a 2-part mold out of the red silicon. Below you can see parts of the process.


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