Four Rooms Stage 6, Reflection and Evaluation

We have now finished the project! Installing our room was one of the hardest things I have ever done. We began by bringing everything up to the room. This caused the first issue; The metal wall got very mixed up in the process of bringing it up to the room. We decided to not try and figure it out in the tiny room and just start screwing the buttons down to the the wall. Typically, this proved much harder than we thought because we had to get the angles right as well as the height, so it fitted right across the room and the metal poles slotted in correctly. We almost managed to get it right but it didn’t go perfectly, resulting in me spending a very long time trying to figure out where everything went and having to cut the tubes down to size.

The other major difficulty was trying to wire all the lights. The LEDs were tiny and all needed heatshrinking to stop them shorting, so soldering was very tedious and very time consuming. The combination of trying to get the lights wired and fitted inside the metal tubes and getting the metal wall too fit into the batons took a huge amount of time. Whilst I worked on the metal wall, the others started fixing and wiring the wooden wall. This also took a great of time and by midnight we still hadn’t finished. We had to come in very early in the morning to finish things off. 20 minuets before the deadline, the lights in the metal wall were shorting out so I had to strip back the circuit to determine where the issue was. I managed to solve this issue by finding a tiny bit of wire that was touching the metal tubes, shorting the circuit. I was still wiring as the tutors walked into the room! The whole installation process was just about constantly solving problems as they arose, and using the time we had efficiently and effectively to get the huge amount of stuff we had, done!

Nevertheless, I am very pleased with how the room has turned out and it is very very satisfying after all the hard work to see it all together! I have worked as hard as I can remember and I think it has payed off.The metal wall works really nicely, with the distorted bent shapes warping your view of the railings coming in from the outside. The painted wooden outline was a great idea, it help bring the metal wall together as a coherent structure. The wooden wall is also a triumph I believe, with the different types of wood slotting together and creating a beautifully woven wall structure with the light panels shining through. The two wall integrate very well at the back and help bring the room to a close. There are quite a few things in the room which aren’t quite there and don’t quite fit or work properly but that is simply down to the fact we didn’t have enough time. The table does flex a lot when you lean on it, but it doesn’t wobble. I believe this flex is down to the low quality wood we had to use due to our tight budget, and could be fixed using stronger wood to brace the structure. The lights also weren’t quite up the standard I had envisages; they are not quite as bright as I would have liked and their brightness also varys across the different LEDs, due to some of them drawing more current than others but the idea works really well. If I had more time I would develop the design further, so they are a bit more effective as lighting. They do give a really nice effect the the two wall though, integrating perfectly with the materials and giving the walls another level of interest. Josh’s shapes work really well on the table as well with a few of them lighting up inside and being lit from the side by an LED strips. Overall the room works well throughout with the railings and the wooden panels looking like they come in from the outside really well and the paint matching perfectly to the paint outside the window, which really help give the sense of the outside coming in. The room still functions very well as a meeting room with the table seating 8 just as the brief required.

The past 10 weeks have been a journey of design and making. So much has happened and so many different things have come up that have needed to be resolved. I am very proud of what we have done, especially because we had half the number of other groups. Although in some ways this might have been a good thing, when it came to making, we really could have done with a couple of extra people to fill in the jobs that we had to do on overtime. I have really enjoyed the process, however intense and stressful it might have been it feel good now! Below you can see some picture of the finished thing! Also shown is our room elevation drawing and a sample board.




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