Four Rooms Making Part 5

This is the final week of making for our Four Rooms projects. I began by cutting the table top to size which was quite tricky as the table was not straight! However, I manged it with some serious jig saw work. Josh then helped to sand it down so it was flush with the edges of the table. Below you can see the table with the top on, to size.

Josh has also finished casting his ceramics in porcelain. They have turned out really nice, with some of the shapes nice and smooth and some being rougher, showing the edges of the mold more. He is now just working on concrete shapes. Below you can see one of the shapes with the light inside which gives a really nice glow to the shape.

We have also continued working on the metal wall, cutting the wooden rail to hold it all together. I have drilled the holes for the wood to slot into and cut a few more of the acrylic lights. The wooden rail is now finished, we just need to make a few adjustments when we are in the room to get everything fitting nicely.

We then phoned around some paint stockists and managed to find a place that would mix our colour for a decent price. Abbie and Georgia spent the whole day painting the railing for the metal wall as well as painting the whole table structure. I am really pleased with the outcome, the paint matched perfectly thanks the correct RAL number. The colour is also a really nice colour, in general, and suits our table really well.

I have also begun to wire up the LED lights for the metal wall. I have finished cutting the acrylic rods and sandblasting them.


Tomorrow we are fitting the room out with our pieces. Below is a list things we still need to complete, in order-

Bring everything up to the room.

Wire LEDs.

Fit the metal rods into the wooden rail.

Stick wooden panels to wall using velcro.

Fix the metal panels to the wall.

Wire LEDs into table and ceramic pieces.

Glue table top for gluing overnight.

Test everything.

I am nervous for tomorrows installation and how everything is going to work together in the room where all the weeks of making and hard work will either pay off or fall apart! I have worked much harder than I can remember for a long time. This is mainly down the fact we have half the number of people in our group, and it is a very ambitious project in itself, on a very tight budget. There has been many points in the project where I have been unsure whether we will get it done in time, but we are on track, provided everything goes smoothly in our installation.


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