Four Rooms Making Part 4

At the start of this week we continued cutting the spaces for the light panels in the wooden wall, cutting the acrylic to size and sandblasting. This took much longer than expected but I am pleased with the result.

Abbie and Georgia then started sanding down the table so the joints were all nice and flush with each other and table was smooth. Below you can see the sanded table.

We have decided to paint the table the same color as the metal railings to tie it in will the the metal railings as we had first planned, when we were going to make it out of metal. We have the RAL number to match the paint perfectly.

Unfortunately last week our metal order didn’t arrive so we had to finish early. However this week our metal has now arrive so I began to cut the metal for the metal wall using our template the we painstakingly made in the first week of making. The was a fairly swift process of marking and cutting to length. We then came up the stage of bending the metal. We filled all the lengths with very fine and very dry sand so that there would be no kinking in the metal tubes and then marked and used the pipe bender to bend the metal around the correct radius. We managed to finish this part in two day which was really good, so we could start making the wooden rail that would go along the outside of the metal to hold it all together. Below you can see some of the process.

I also got my hands on some acrylic rod which matched the diameter of the metal tube perfectly, to make my lights out of. I turned the end on the metal lath so it slotted into the metal tubing perfectly. See below.

We have also ordered some high powered LEDs to fit inside the metal tub, to light the sections of acrylic rod. We have made good progress this week. Below you can see a list of the things we still need to get done before we set up on Wednesday.


Get paint
Drawings- sample board, 3 perspective drawing

Cut wooden rail
Finish marking wooden rail
Cut table top
Dill holes
Sand table

Cut Acrylic light rods
Sanblast rods
Glue in place


Wire lights
Glue poles into rail
Fit into room


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