Four Rooms Making Part 3

This week we finished the wall and I began the table. We have also ordered the metal for the wall, so it should come by the end of this week. Whilst Abbie and Georgia finished the wooden wall, I began constructing the joints for my table. I am doing a combination of lap joints and mortise and tenon joints. Josh has decided that he will make a mixture of porcelain and concrete shapes to run along the top of the table, to cut cost. This means that there will be quite a bit of wight running along the middle and thus pressure, so this is where I will be putting the mortise and tenon joints. Below you can see some of the different stages of the making, showing the different joints.

Cutting the joints was tricky because I was trying to get everything done in a short space of time, so some of the joints were a bit rushed and didn’t quite fit together properly which was very annoying. I have learnt a lot and the main bit where I went wrong was not taking enough time over the marking of things. Another thing that was unsatisfactory was the amount that the timber warped. Due to the fact that this timber is usually used for constructional purposed and not for furniture, it has a high moisture content, so it drys and then warps out of shape, which is why it is so cheap. But that is just one of the compromises we have to make due to the small budget and short timescale we have to make this project.

After cutting these joints it was time to glue everything together. Below you can see pictures of the jig I had to create to hold everything in the right place whist it was gluing. I had to use a spirit level and a set-square to get everything at right angles and it took a lot of time and jiggling around to get it fixed in position.

This week we also finished the wooden wall panels. Below you can see the beginnings of the finished wooden wall.

We still needed to put in the acrylic lights. We figured the best was of doing this involved taking the panels off around where the lights would go and jigsawing the hole for it and then glue the acrylic sheet in as well as the panels. This was a bit of a mess up, but I hope that we will get it finished on Monday next week.


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