Four Rooms Making Part 2

The second stages of making, in the second week, was the wooden wall. Over Christmas Abbie in our group collected a large amount of Chipboard and Plywood (with a range of finishes) thanks to Brackland Developments. So, a we began making the wooden wall panels. This was a very repetitive process of marking, cutting and fitting and sanding so it fitted neatly. It was quite tricky to keep everything in place so that we didn’t cut something when everything was out of place, ending up cutting it, or many of them, wrong. We also made some silly mistakes, at the start, such as not putting the panel boards the right way round, so everything was the wrong way round and we had to start again adjusting all our angles! Our second mistake was going too complex to early on. We found it quite hard not to make the interlocking angles too complex, so ended up having to shift a load around!

However below you can see our progress at the end of the second week. It has gone slower than expected, but hopefully we can finish it next week and begin work on the table.

We had planned to order in the metal this week, but unfortunately the metal technician had an accident and was out of uni so we didn’t manage to order it in. We will now have to order it after the weekend.

We have also made a design decision based on our tight budget. We are going to make the table out of wood because making it out of metal was just too expensive. We have ordered a mixture of 2×2 and 2×1 pine timber to construct the table with. I don’t think this is too much of a compromise as the wood is much bigger (thicker) than the metal would have been in diameter, so will make a bigger impact in the room and wont look thin and spindly. Whilst the timber is not of the best quality, it should do the job okay. In addition, to stop the table tilting sideways I will need to put some supports along the bottom of the table. Below you can see some option of how this might be done to look good.

table ideas.jpg

I will be working on the table next week whilst the girls finish off the wooden wall. Joshes ceramic pieces are going to take much longer then anticipated due to the tricky geometric shapes we are trying to achieve. He has to make nets of the shapes, pour plaster inside them, to get the shapes in plaster and then cast the plaster shape in a 4-part mold, before finally pouring the porcelain slip into it and firing them! So he will be working on them over the next weeks


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