Four Rooms Making Part 1

The first stage of making involved being in our room, making templates so we could construct the wall panels in the workshops and bring them up the the room and be sure they would fit. This took a large amount of time because of how crucial all the marking needed to be. We constructed the metal template out of large sheets of paper, marking on our desired pattern and cutting them to shape.

We then found some unwanted chipboard boards, which we decided to use for the wooden wall. We lent them up against the wall and marked the shapes onto the wall using masking tape and then cut the board into the shapes. We had to also cut around the radiator and a couple of plug sockets which was a little tricky. Below you can see some panoramic views of our rooms with our templates in place.


I have also taken some measurements of the current table and chairs to transfer to my table design which I will soon be constructing. Next week we plan to start making the woven wooden wall and to order the metal required for the table and metal wall.


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