Field Project Update

My group, which is half the size it should be consist of 2 fine artists, a illustrator, a ceramicist and me. I think we have a good mix in our group and so far we are getting along okay! We have decided on the two themes; Cubism and Industrial. We were asked to do a presentation showing what our two themes are about, what our research into our themes has shown, what sort of direction we are going in and what we are taking from our themes to translate into our rooms. Below you can see our presentation.

So we are focusing on the importance of material in the industrial aesthetic, and exploring the perspective and dimensions, construction and geometric side of the cubist theme. We have done some research into other cubist rooms and dislike the fluorescent colors and jagged lines; whilst the do look quite cool and play with your sense of distance, which is part of what cubism is about, they would be very sickening to live in! (or have meetings in!)

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