Field design work

​This week we started to develop some design for our room. We like the idea of making a table with some sort of functional ceramic piece. We also want to distort the perspective of the rooms in some way and we are looking into covering the window in some sort of geometric pattern. Some possible design are below-

We were also thinking about making the base of the table part of the center piece, which might be lots of geometric shapes, interlocking with each other, up into the center of the table. We are still thinking about how we might decorate the walls. We are liking the idea of having a distorted and geometric wall that might also be functional in some way, as sections of it could be cork and whiteboard for notes in meetings. We still need to think about how we might use materials in our rooms as I feel a little bit like we haven’t really addressed the industrial side of our theme.

The following week we built on some of our ideas and started to include the lighting into our room. I had the idea of gathering lots of wood and gluing it all together, then sanding it down into a square block with a a single strip of resin running thought the geometric glued wooden scrap shapes, which is lit. These tiles lighting blocks could link together so the strips link up to create a multitude of strips all meeting in the middle perhaps. We then also thought we might be able to carry the lines though the whole room, or maybe a single line that runs though the room, which meets on the table, which could have four lines, each coming form one legs. In the lines on the table the center piece sits and is lit from below. See below for Images-

However, when had the tutorial with our tutors and they pointed out our room could look very similar to the rooms with lots of line running around the room which is certainly not what we want so we went back too the drawing board, we have allot of thinking to do over the weekend. We have set up a Facebook group chat which I posted on, outlining a plan of action, see below-

Okay so in light of the meeting yesterday I think there are a few things we should do to help us make some decisions about our room, firstly here is a list of who is doing what-
-Evan and Josh on the Table
-Abbie, Georgia and Evan on the walls/windows
-Evan and Abbie on the lighting
-Josh on tableware
-Hannah we will discuss when we next see you what you are best suited to doing.
I don’t think we should scrap everything because of the reaction we got from the tutors yesterday but i think we need to tone a few things down and possibly work on the minimalist side of the industrial theme, as they seemed to like this when we discussed it at the beginning. I think it would be good over the weekend if we tried todo the following-
-have as many totally new ideas as possible, don’t worry about them being a bit crazy it might spark other ideas that are more plausable.
-Develop your initial ideas in the areas you are looking at, possibly toning it down or simplifying, thinking about how it will work in relation to rest of the room.
-Have a think about what you would like the room to feel like when someone walks into it.
-Think about how we can use materials in your ideas for your areas.
We should meet on Tuesday morning with fresh ideas and thoughts. Sorry this is quite long but I hope helps.

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