Made By Hand

I decided that I wanted to apply to have my work on the CSAD stall at made by hand and my work got accepted so I have got the chance to showcase and sell my work to the pubic for free which is great opportunity to gain some professional experience. My Light project for field last year got accepted and I have been making a series of candle holder that combine resin and walnut.

The process to make the holders was as follows-

  • Cut and sand the wood to size and shape of holder.
  • Construct a mould around the holder, sealing it with decorators caulk. Stick any pices of wood to the side of the mould that seemingly floats in the resin once hardened.
  • Pour resin and leave to dry for 2 days.
  • Break mould and sand candle holders down.
  • Drill holes.
  • Finial sanding working your way up the grades.
  • Oil

A tutor took a look at my work and thought I shouldn’t necessarily label my pieces as candle holder but look at them as objects and leave their functionality open. I quite like this idea so I have decided to present them with different object being held in them.

Below you can see the finished pieces after being oiled which I am really pleased with. The oil really brings out the grain and give the pieces a feeling of luxury. It also take away the scratches on the resin, giving it more of a see through quality which is something I didn’t plan but I really like.

Below you can see the pieces in the stall at Made By Hand in Cardiff which runs from the 30th of October to the 1 st of November. I am really pl;ease with how my pieces have turned out, and how the look on the stall, I has been a really good experience of making, tying to fit it in around my other projects!


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