Made By hand

This was an very informative and useful talk given by Sarah James the organizer of the Made By Hand craft fair, on the fairs policies and how to work with craft fairs.

They have a start up policy whereby if you are in the first 2 year of business you can apply for a discounted stand. There is also a start up called Hot House In England and Scotland where the craft council provides start up funding, within four year of starting up. People buy from craft fairs because they get to meet the maker, get to know you, buy directly from you.

Some points to remember about applying for the craft fairs-

  • Do research- go the fairs
  • funding- get funding from arts council for stands.
  • When applying also was use very good images, keep the best pictures up to date
  • Know your budget- Include insurance, accommodation, food
  • You need to have stock, need double the amount of stock required to pay for selling.
  • The first time will be the most expensive because you are getting everything together
  • set up a trial stand, to make sure it the best display possible

Some points how to sell-

  • Make eye contact, say hello, put yourself out there!
  • Giving People space to have a look around, don’t be overbearing
  • Know your products
  • Having prices on your stuff
  • Convey what your about, don’t make assumptions about people eg he/she wont/will buy your products on your stand. Be prepared to tell a story.

Some point on the stands themselves-

  • Think about how do you display your work, how do you package it.
  • Have a good range of prices.
  • Keep contact details for customers, keep in contact, build up a network of buyers. thank for buying work, nice to meet you today etc.
  • Think about storage.

Some point on the picture you should send-

  • 6 really good images.
  • Make it look like its a group of work.
  • Need to be clear; does it work together as a range of images.

I would really like to show some work at the Made By Hand Craft Fair. I think it would be a really good real life experience on what it take to sell work, and what its like to be part of a big craft fair like Made By Hand.



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