Light Project Update

My light project has been a bit slow to get going as I have had to put quite a bit of time into making my things for Made By Hand. However, I have managed to do a bit of research and come up with a few initial ideas.

I read the official brief from the LIA for the light competition and started researching from there. I began to look more closely at some of the current products on the market and their prices. I looked on the website of high end furniture retailers, as they are selling to my target market. This research gave me an idea of how much one could charge for products such as these, what already out there and very importantly what are some of the current design trends.


I then started to gather some inspiration to spark some ideas for lighting. I really like geometric forms, so I started looking at some of the ancient geometric ratios, such as the golden ratio. I found it intriguing how many areas the Golden ratio popped up in, it is amazing. It is also really interesting that everything can be geometric. You can triangulate anything. That is how a STL file work- It triangulates you model. This mean braking down all you surfaces into lot and lots of triangle.

This got me thinking that if you made lots of triangle could you make a light that can be any other light. I though that maybe I could make a series of triangles that lit up individually, but could also be fitted together in some way so they for one larger light. In this way the user could constantly change and customize the shape of their light to satisfy their taste. They could also possibly use the triangles individually as little mood lights or nightlights.

These are some initial thoughts, obviously there are quite a few technicalities missing at this stage, which I will need to iron out as the project develops.


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