Light Project Update

I have started drawing up some of my ideas on Sketchup. In these images, the triangles are made out of different materials such as wood, metal, resin, plastic and ceramic. The light consist of three main components-

  • The main light source- a orb with a LED bulb inside
  • The triangle with the cable leading into it
  • The other triangles that make up the form of the light.

You can see three different types of light I created within one light; a hanging light, a Desk light, a bedside light.

I like this idea a want to develop it further. I think there are some very large issues that I need to address though-

  • How the triangles fit together? Is it with a slotting mechanism or with magnets of some kind.
  • How does the electricity get to the bulb from the triangle with the cable attached? Does each triangle have a lug of some kind that can fir into each other?



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