BAMS Project Update

After having an tutorial with my tutor I realised I was getting a bit carried away with the materials and technical details and problems with the making of the medal that I had sort of brushed over my actual concept and hadn’t actually decided on a specific concept for my piece.

I initially thought I could use the materials as a sort of key to give information about the tree, so alongside the medal you would get a box which gave you information about the tree corresponding to the material that the ring was made in. However  this concept was a bit boring and I wasn’t making a real point being about the medal, it would be just giving information about the tree.

I had another idea, that wasn’t actually to do with the original idea of looking into the tree rings and their meaning but rather using the texture and look of the tree slice as a representation of nature. I thought that I could have one side of the medal with this rough natural texture of the tree slice, and on the other side there is a machined, highly polished finished to it. So when you rotated the rings the machine finish would mix with the rough natural texture mixing natural with machine, creating a nice contrast and making a statement about the battle between machines, the environment and nature. This would also give a good reason for the rings to rotate which my medal needed, rotating gives this contrast between natural and machined.



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