Archaeology’s of the present

We started this session by reading a section of text about other worlds that we find very hard to conceive of as Humans.

Chapter 1 Flatland

  • who is the text talking to- The reader living in spaceland as opposed to flatland, space land 3D
  • who is doing the talking- A Flatland inhabitant, flatland 2D, sees slices, tradesman is not tall, just a slice.
  • what are they trying to communicate- what the nature of flatland is, communicating the environment of flatland, what the world of flatland is like
  • what is the work of the text- to describe our world/universe as a 2 dimensional flatland. Its a thought experiment. To make the nature of flatland clearer to us spacelanders. His discovery of 2D was his reason for writing this text.

What you call solid thinks are really superficial; what you call space is nothing but a great plan. I am in space and look down upon the inside of things of which you only see the outsides. (Abbott)

Chapter 17 How the sphere having in vain tried words, sorted to deeds

  • How do multi-dimensional beings see each- As magicians, who appears and disappears, they can move objects without touching them.
  • What is the take home message- That there are many different ways of seeing the world and something that seems one thing to you may seem something else to another. personal views and ideas are different for people with coming from different viewpoints.There are multiple worlds based upon what dimensions we live across and can perceive.

This very interesting book about this other world shows how you can use text such as these to refer to to demonstrate how different people might perceive the world.

Mapping different life-worlds. The life-world of organisms is partly dependent upon how we perceive. Some main points from this session.

  • For each organism a different environment exists. Each organism will view objects differently depending on their context, and what they see and what they consider as important to their survival.
  • What we may see isn’t necessarily the same for all beings.

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