Presentation techniques

This was very useful lecture given to us by a product design tutor on the best way to present your work professionally, for things like competitions to get you ideas across effectively.

Some things to remember-

  • Show your market
  • Use high quality images of the product
  • Judges have no time to read text so use images instead to show it in situations/in its environment, explain functionality and give a sense of scale.
  • illustrate how it might work using things such as storyboards. avoid text again.
  • Communicate complex ideas though imagery that explains how the product works to everybody of all languages.
  • Lay out sketch sheets. Use simple colours with little annotations.
  • Action images convey a lot.
  • Set the scene with mood boards. This can be one way of communicating environment and market.

4 main points to remember –

  1. Explain the problem
  2. describe the solution
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of the product detail, structure and operations
  4. Illustrate how the product is used.

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