Lighting Design Project Overview

The second brief we had for subject was more orientated towards design rather than the more art orientated BAMs brief. We got to choose between two live briefs; one was to design a new process of making though examining an already existing product and thinking how it might be made differently, specifically in a more sustainable manner. The second and the one that I am going with is a lighting competition to design a functional light. This is  perfect for me as lighting is what I wanted to focus on this year. The competition works on public votes (as well as a panel of judges) so the sooner we get out lighting pieces made and up on the website the better chance we have of winning.

I will make my light form simple yet functional as I discussed in my first blog post of the year, exploring and focusing on the combination of materials. I will also look into the importance of the lighting fitting in finishing off the product to a high standard and the light bulb and cable. Its possible that the cable and light fitting becomes a bit part of the light itself. I Have already drawn alot of inspiration form the online marketplace Some of the lights which have inspired me are below.


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