Light Project Initial Ideas

The first stage of the lighting project is to consider who it is for and what environment the light will be in. From the mood board I put together from Clippings and other sources, the lighting pieces are usually intended for the higher end of the furniture market; aimed at people who are willing to spend a fair bit of money for good design and high quality finish and usually handmade. The label of handmade suggests to the customer that the piece has received love and attention, therefore it will be higher quality. There is also a certain connection between the maker and the pieces and therefore more of a connection between the customer and the story of making.

The sort of people that understand and value this are the sort of people I am aiming to appeal with my lighting design. The products that these customers buy are never mass produced but rather made to order or made in small batches. Whilst this narrows down my target market, it doesn’t narrow down where my lighting might be placed.

Last year I made a hanging light which I really enjoyed making and was quite pleased with so I am quite drawn to making another hanging light or pendant light. I also am quite interested in making a desk light or bedside side light, or even a standing light. I still need to think about this further to narrow down this location of my light.


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