BAMS Project Overview

The first brief that we received is a live brief that is associated with BAMS (British art medal association), where they have a competition running open to makers to submit a Medal to be part of their collection of medal. These medals are not necessarily medals for winning somthing, but more artefacts or medallions with some story or message behind them.

I was a bit unsure of this brief to begin with as its quite a long way from my interest in lighting and furniture, however it is a chance for me to really explore new materials. I have decided I want to explore how materials can be combined and how they can portray different meanings and have different effects when combined. BAMS usually only really accept medals made in bronze, pewter and glass, so those are the materials that I should aim to make my medal out of, although I would love to fit wood in there somehow! I may just have to accept that I cant for this project. However I could possibly try and recrete the feel and aethetic of wood in anther material such as bronze or pewter.


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