BAMs Initial Ideas

After reading through the BAMS brief and discussing a few things with my tutors I have had some initial thoughts on how how I might approach the BAMs project. I like the idea of recreating a material in other materials. I started thinking about how I could use wood as the focus of the piece. I really liked the cross sections of tree trunks and how the many rings tell the story of the tree. I also love the structure of cells of a plant stem and the similarity between the wood rings and the cross section of a plant stems; the two opposite ends of the magnification.

Thinking  further about the different spectrum’s of magnification I looked at planets and how they form a perfect circle from space. I particularly liked a planet with was one if the Kepler series (Earth-like) and was what they called a scorched earth as it was basically a ball of lava. I thought there was some potential to explore the story and research behind this.

I found my mind was most drawn to looking into the tree idea so I started to explore the science of reading into the tree rings. Tree rings can tell a lot more than just ages, they can tell all sorts about the state of the tree during that period of its life. I found this really interesting and I want to explore it further and experiment with how I might be able to apply this to a project and final outcome.



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