BAMs Further Thoughts and Experiments

Continuing my ideas on tree rings and wood, I started to explore the rings and their story examining how their form. Whilst I was looking into the rings I had the thought that I would really like to have a kinetic medal rather than something that was just a solid flat object. I like the idea of the user interacting with the piece and discovering what the piece is about by moving it in some way.

I thought I could possibly make the rings rotate around themselves. I also really wanted the piece to be made out of multiple materials, such as pewter bronze and glass. I thought that each ring that rotated could be made out of a different material. I found a rotating ring 3D printable file on the internet and printed it for an experiment. It came out really well and the rings rotated about each other without a pivot rod as the edges were curved, it was a very clever bit of engineering. I really want to explore this idea further and see how I might be able to use the rotating rings that I 3D printed, for my medal.


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