Subject Final Stages of Making

Below you can see the table and chairs successful glued and looking really nice.

IMG_20150612_105744~2 IMG_20150612_110145~2

Now that the table was glued I was ready to apply the walnut wood stain. I had done many tests for different stains and how the might make the wood look, and whether it would ruin the effect of the table and chairs as the surface of the birch plywood was already really nice, with the grain really shining forth after sanding. I was worried that the staining would make the whole piece not only look synthetic but cheap and a bit unsightly. I thought the best way of helping to avoid these effects was to make sure I applied the stain in such a way that no brush marks showed up. The best way I found was to brush it on and then immediately go over it with a roller which gave a more of a matt finish, making the stain look more natural. However, when everything had been glued, I decided at the last moment not to stain anything! I think that it always shows when you try to make a wood into something that it is not eg trying to make it look like walnut when its birch plywood!! I really like the light and airy feel that the white metal frame and the light colour of the plywood gives. This feeling of lightness also links back the effect that I was trying to create in the first place. Instead I will display A set Of samples for the possible finishes that the table and chairs could have when made full scale. This includes how I might finish the metal.

Now that I had decided that I wasn’t going to stain, I also glued the curves to the chair to complete the seat. This was pretty straightforward apart from the fact the wood had once again warped! But using clamp and the No More Nails glue I manage to glue it into place.


The Chair curves came out really well and I was very pleased with how the glue held them in place. Below you can see some of the final pictures of the table and chairs, together with the lights.


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