Field Stage 6 Making

After sorting out how my bedside light was going to be lit I and sanded down the wooden base and the edges which took all very long time due to al the awkward corners. After this was completed I waxed the base to polish it and finish it off, bringing out the woods natural colour and adding a sheen and professional finish to the piece. The layers fitted on top really nicely and the wood brought out the engraved shapes really nicely. The bedside light was now basically finished!

The hanging light still need some work on. Although I had established how I was lighting it, I was still unsure of how it would be hung, and what I was going to finish the top with. The other problem I faced was hoe to conceal the copper wire ends and how to stop the copper wire from actually shorting out the LED lights. The solution to concealing the copper ends actually solved the problem of shorting out the lights as well. What I decided to do was have it so all the ends met at the centre of the the light on top, on top of the LED, and each end would be stuck down with the glue gun, insulating the ends of the wires. I decided I would then conceal the ends of the wired and all the messy glue with a simple copper cap matching the copper wire.

Hanging the light was also another problem I faced as the wire coming off the LED was too weak to hang the light from. My first thought was to use fishing wire from two corner points on the top and bring them together into a single strand, hanging the light from this. However, I found that the light didn’t actually hang straight when hung directly off the centre of the top layer where the LED was. The light hung straight when hung slightly off centre. I happened to have a hole in the perfect place so I decided that I would make a feature of this and use a copper rod to hang the light from this point which the white cable could then wrap around.

Once I had decided this I got on with the very monotonous process of threading the copper wire though the holes, getting help from peers whenever I could to carry out this highly repetitive task!



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