Field Final Stages of Making

Below you can see the wired bedside light which I have now finished. I used a white braided cable sleeve to hide the wires and make the piece look a bit more professional.

IMG_20150612_215028~2 IMG_20150612_214937~2 IMG_20150612_214945~2


I was still in the process of threading the copper wire through the layers of the hanging light. The more copper thread there was, the harder and slower it became because the copper wire would catch on the needle and get twisted round each other, so it was a very slow and time consuming process. I did have a helper who aided me in this task of threading breaking up the monotony and repetition, and speeding up the process. I also decided, after buying a copper end cap, that I wanted to have a simple frosted acrylic cap at the top rather than the copper as it was a bit distracting in the light.

One could go on forever with the copper threading, as the more you added the better it looked! But we came to a stage where we couldn’t do any more and the light looked pretty good, so I wired up the LEDs to the mains and the light was complete. I did have a last min panic where I had actually wired the LED the wrong way round so the wires ended crossing over, which increased the risk of shorting. Therefore, I rewired the bottom LED so this didn’t happen. The threaded layers look really good against a black background. Below you can see the final effect.

IMG_20150614_174046~2 IMG_20150614_171539~2


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