Exhibition, Evalution and Final Thoughts

Now that I had finally finished my projects I could set them up in my exhibition space. I started off with standard white plinths, but decided I didn’t like the effect the had on my table and chairs, and they were also not proper box plinths. Instead I found two saw-horses and a chipboard sheet and put it on top of the saw horses to create one large raw chipboard table. I then used some plinth tops on top of the chipboard to raise the pieces slightly off the chipboard. I really liked the way the colour of the chipboard contrasted with the white of the plinth tops and the table and chairs. I hung my two lights from above, grouping my field work together and the same with my subject. Below you can see the complete set up which I am really pleased with.



The two projects, field and subject, have been massive learning curves and have been a real challenge, testing my thinking as well as my making skills. I think I was quite ambitious to do two lighting pieces for field and was maybe a bit more than I could manage, but I did manage to finish the lights, even if I did get a bit of help with the more repetitive stages! I really set myself a challenge, running four projects at once and it was a really good experience to learn about how to manage my time effectively, so that I didn’t focus all my time on one project and forget about the others!

My field project contained a lot of research and I really went on a journey of thinking and researching ideas to come to my final outcomes. I am really pleased with how they have both turned out. I really like how the layers light up in my bedside light and I’m pleased with the copper wiring effect on my hanging light. If I was to develop the projects further I would definitely focus on the hanging light as it turned out to be a far more complex project than the bedside light, which is not what I expected. The light actually looked really good when viewed directly from below, with all the copper strands merging into each other and creating many geometric shapes. I might explore this further if I was to continue the project as well as trying to conceal the LEDs a bit better. The only thing I feel I need to develop further with the bedside light is making the image of the city lights from space a bit clearer, as it isn’t really clear what it is when viewed from the top at the moment, although it looks really good. I also could explore how the edges of the bedside light refracted the light and distorted the central rod, which can be see to some extent on the final piece when viewed from the side.

The Table and Chairs was a major construction challenge and a massive learning curve from both a design point of view as well as a making one. If I look back at some of my bulky original designs and compare it to the sleek, light and clean finish scale model that I have now, I find it very satisfying. I love having a vision and sketching it and then seeing it come to life, through the use of my own hands. If I stand back and look at the table and chairs I am really pleased with how similar they are to the final designs I rendered on Sketchup. The only thing Skechup couldn’t predict was the feel of the materials. It might be quite nice if I was to develop the project further to experiment with the raw metal against the wood and the different combinations of metal and wood that I could have to achieve different effects. I am also really pleased with the light. I love its simple design, focusing on the materials that are in use. I would love to explore this combination of materials (wood and acrylic) further in the context of lighting and see how far it can be pushed. I would also find a method of making a section for the light come off so the bulb can actually be changed, which was something I never got round to doing. This could be some for of magnetic system.

Overall, I have really enjoyed this year, and feel I have really pushed myself in ways that I haven’t before, setting myself quite a challenge. I have really strived to achieve a high quality finish as I know that is what is expected on the market. It has been very challenging to balance this high quality finish with the time available. But that challenge is a very real one in the real world itself as well, so I is very useful to come to terms with it now. I think finding this balance between quality finish and deadlines will be something I will continue to search for in the future.


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