Further Project Update

After talking to the technical demonstrators at university we agreed that the best way of achieving the design was to make a metal frame to bare the weight of the table and the weight of the person sitting on the chairs, and then attach the wood to the metal frame. Otherwise there would just be no strength in the piece. So I went about designing a metal frame that would hold the wood and give the piece a solid structure. I decided I would paint the metal frame bright white to contrast with the dark wood. I don’t want to try and conceal the metal frame but rather make a feature of it.

Below you can see the two sections of the table and chair; The metal frame and the wood parts which will attch to the frame.

Here are the frame and wood combine.

I really like the new final design, I think the white metal frame looks really nice against the wood and create an outline effect to the table and chairs making the design look crisp and contemporary. I have also designed the little central ornament for the table, which is a simple pyramid of wood with a layer of white acrylic running through it like my experiments with wood and acrylic in term 1, the central piece will light up with the light shining though the acrylic for a bit of mood lighting in the centre of the table.

Below you can see the final design for the light that will go over the table and chairs. I have tried to match it the table and chairs with the same dark wood effect with a strip of white. On the bottom of the light is a circle of acrylic which will let the light through. The wooden part of the light will be wood turned, and the white section of the light will be a thrown porcelain shape which will fit into the wood.


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