Field Stage 4 of Making

After deciding on how to connect the layers of my hanging light I went about drilling the necessary holes to connect the layers. I decided I would have a central acrylic rod running thought the center of the light as well as the copper wire joining the layers. I decided this because when doing some of my experiments with joining the layers the hardest thing about threading the wire though the layers was keeping the layers separate. So I figured that if I had the layers already attached through another means then it would be just a simple case of threading the wired through the pre-drilled holes. I originally had planned to laser cut the holes into the acrylic, but this didn’t work because I couldn’t line up the pieces to the files on the computer properly so when I started cutting, the holes were being cut in the wrong places, so I decided to just drill them by hand! This actually proved quite easy, although a bit tedious and slow. For the central rod I tried to select a drill bit which was ever-so-slightly smaller than the acrylic rod so that the layers would stay in place due to friction, but this didn’t really work so I will need to join the layers onto the rod using Tensol cement (Tensol 12). I have drilled the little holes at every point on the shapes which represent a turning point along that persons journey.
I also have decided that rather than the two little pieces onto of the light, to have one single piece, making my life a lot easier, and looking better in my opinion. The shape of this piece is simply the two little pieces joined together!
I have been struggling with how I might light the hanging light. I had originally planned to light it from the top but I am unsure about how I should conceal the light, as some of the ways that I have been exploring look a bit weird and out-of-place. I will continue experimenting with some of the ideas that I have had in my sketchbook, but it may be that I need to consider an alternative way of lighting it, which doesn’t require something to be sitting on top. but rather is more integrated into the light.
I also need to consider cabling, types of LEDs, whether the lights are going mains or battery powered and how bright I want the lights to be. This applies to all my lighting pieces.

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