Subject Project Update

I picked up my table and chairs design from where I was before I started concentrating on my field work. I had come up with a revised design for the tables and chairs which was lighter and more stylish, following a formative assessment where the tutors highlighted some issues with the designs. Since then I have come up with several further designs which you can see below. In the first image you can see the new chair design which I then developed to be more ergonomic using anthropocentric data from the company Allsteel. I had two chair shapes which I was considering, so I put them both at the redesigned table to see which one fitted with the table the best. I really like the contrast between white and dark wood so I made part of the table dark wood and the other a solid white color. I have decided that my favorite chair design is the one with the simplest curve, I also think it is the most ergonomic. Below you can see some scans from my sketchbook showing the process of achieving that ergonomic and sculptural shape of the chairs.

I am a bit uncertain about how this final design will be constructed, so I will need to take it to the technical demonstrators at university and see what they suggest because everything is too thin for strong joints to be put into the wood, so this might be a issue. I will achieve the curves of the chairs using flexi-ply wood, so I will need to create quite a large mold. I still need to decide on a suitable scale for the table and chairs. I would love to do it full size but I think it might be wise to do it half scale so I can afford some nice wood and I don’t end up running out of time.

Below you can see my two favorite chair shapes sitting at the redesigned table.


chair and tabel 2


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