Third Term Plan

Subject- This term I need to pick up where I was with the subject project (table and chairs with a light) before I started concentrating on my field work. I need to establish a finial design and think about the scale of the piece. In the process of establishing a final design I need to finalise what materials I am going use to construct the piece such as the materials I am going to use for the chairs and the table top.

Field- I need to finalise plans for how the hanging lights layers are going to be suspended from each other, how the layers of the bedside light are going to be attached together. Then I need to plan out how the LEDs are going to placed on the lights to create the best effect when illuminated and how it will be circuited. I also need to cut the wooden base for the bedside light.

Constellation essay- This essay is 2500 word and needs to be handed in before the rest of the project. I have begun planning out what I am going to write about, I need to think about how i’m going to structure the essay the how it might be concluded thinking about what argument I am actually trying to make. I will need to carry out a good body of research to back up my points.


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