Field Stage 3 of Making

After laser cutting the first set of layers, because the light wasn’t tall enough yet, I wanted to lasercut some more layer, these would just be the shapes, without any engravings. I cut two sets of layers, one would go in between the engraved layers on the bedside light and the other set of layers would make up the hanging light. I manages to source as really nice bit of reclaimed teak which would worked really nicely as a base. I hadn’t yet decided on a method for joining together the layers on the hanging light so they would be suspended from each other. I also needed to decided on how I would join the layers on the bedside light as well, so the layer would align perfectly. Alongside deciding on this I needed to think about how I might wire up the LEDs to illuminate the two lights and where they would located to produce the best illumination. 


Below you can see some of the methods I was considering to attach the layers together.

IMG_1366IMG_1684 IMG_1683 IMG_1682 IMG_1681


I have yet to decided which is my favorite method of joining the layers together.

Below you can see some scans for some of the ideas of where to place the LEDs for the light and how they might be wired.



I have decided that I would like my light to lit from the top for the hanging light and then from the bottom with the shape routed into the wood and a LED strip inserted into the groove for the bedside light. I think these two manners of lighting the lamps will be most effective given where they will be placed when they are in their working environments.


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