Constellation; Final Sessions and Essay Ideas

In our ending session we did a bit of group work were all the people classed as artist in the group worked together on a brief that was written by all the designers in the group and visa versa, to get a feeling for how the opposite discipline worked and to recognise the way in which a designer or artist might approach a project. As  a maker I was classed as a artist which I didn’t agree with, but it just goes to show how broad and open my course is catering for both artist and designer.

As the term was coming to an end it was time to begin thinking about what I was going to write my 2500 work essay on. Here are some of the topics that I am considering.

I found the session explored how our minds fill in gaps and work to complete things for us, how our imaginations work to give us the world that we perceive and thinking about whether the world is actually how we see it and what is right and wrong when it comes to perceiving it.

I really liked exploring the relationship between the maker and the tools that they use and how when you are using the tool whatever it may be, the tool becomes an extension of ones body and has effect on the material which we can control.

I also found it really interesting to think about how the material effects what we make and the shape and form it has along with the environment that we work in. We looked at this in quite a bit of depth in our session which looked at the genesis of forms.

What I would like to explore in my essay builds on this; I would like to explore and discuss how pre-fabricated objects that have been 3D printed for instance which is a technology hat has taken the world in a storm in the past couple of years, differ in final aesthetic appearance to those created by the human hand, and how the process leading up to that final form, the process of form finding, is different from the two methods of making. I one method the form is completely preconceived create in virtual reality before being created forcing material into a shape. The second relies on manipulation of material using ones hand letting the material speak. I want to draw the differences and similarities between the two, to see just how different are the two process, can we ever completely have control over a form, and how does the aesthetically appearance and feel of the final outcome different or look the same at the end of the two processes.

Some Brainstorming for the essay-

Tools- Is everything handmade?
3D printers, who created the 3D printer? Humans, therfore does this mean everything produced by that 3D printer has an human/handmade element to it? (microscope theory/argument.(see other constellation lectures))
Why do we value handmade items so much. Pay more for a handmade piece of furniture rather than a machined mass produced piece. Difference in aesthetics? Can you tell when something has been made by a machine and when its made by hand, how much does the difference matter to society? Is it the thought of another human being putting love and affection into making the piece rather than a machine which is devout of emotion. Is that emotion a good thing when making something. Does it get in the way of the functionality of the product, or does it mean the product will be more effective and last longer because it was cared about in the making process?
3D printing is something that literally can make any shape that a human hand would be able to make. Therefore I thing it is a good pre-fabrication method to compare to something produced by hand. 3D printing requires one to virtually make the piece before printing it into real life. This uses a piece of software that does the drawing part of design for you. But does it..? You still have to draw in lines, but these line are predefined for you by the software, therefore you could say the person who wrote the software is actually drawing that line fore you, so does this mean there is human emotion put into that line? No, because it is just binary code which can be more than what is is, its stays constant, on the computer a 0 can’t be an happy 0 or a sad 0 is just is an 0 same goes for a 1 or anything displayed on the screen. Yet often when using software certain actions can produce shape which couldn’t have been preconceived of, just like when manipulating a piece of wood things happen to it that you could not have foreseen, such as the grain producing a certain shape or knot adding a extra feature, or when you are drawing and you add color and create an effect that spark another idea, so in this respect the software is alive and can produce interesting results like when making something physically.  The 3D printer then produces this shape after exporting it to an stl, there is unknown in this as well process as well, sometime it exports it incorrectly and get another weird shape. When the printer is making it is going by what it was once again programmed to do. But is it this random unforeseen nature about making that make is so attractive to us?
These are a few initial ideas I need to refine them a lot and research theory’s around this topic of the handmade vs the machines.

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