Final Field Group Piece  

So after meeting up a couple more times we decided on a final piece. I have combined our routes together, simplified them a bit and divided it up into sections. Sam out product designer is going to make the app which will go alongside this map. Each person (excluding sam because he is going to work on the app) has been allocated four squares and are to illustrate those sections of the map and the routes in the style that they have been researching into. So the map will fit together but there will be sections in the different styles that we would have on the app. The map fitting together but sections being illustrated in different ways is also a good metaphor for our group! (different disciplines working in different way but still being able to fit together as a team) It would be really good if the map has 3D objects placed along the some of the routes as well to further aid visualization of the route and the experience of the city when walking this route. Size wise, four square are equal to an A1 sheet of paper (cut into a square of course).


For my section of the map I wanted to explore how the experience of a street in the city would differ between different organisms. I am looking at how a animal might see a street completely different to a human, and the objects within the street would have a completely different meaning to a dog, for instance, than a human. I found this text (see below) which literally sums up what I am looking at so parts of it could go into the app to explain further. What I have done so far is taken images of the street from a humans perspective and create a sort of filter using tracing paper showing the main features the human eye would pick out. I have then taken the same image or a separate image from a different angle but of the same street at the same point and illustrate how another animal might see it. It is all based on what the text has says about how animals see things and I still want to try and develop it a bit further but It is mostly all done as you can see below.

Human view vs Rat
image image image
Human vs Rat vs Bee
image imageimage
Here you can see how the filters can be applied over the original image.
Bee vs Mollusk
Below you can see the other peoples board together with mine-
IMG_1392 IMG_1391 IMG_1390 IMG_1389
Here are some of the screenshots of the app itself-
Slide4 Slide5 Slide6 Slide7

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