Glass outcomes

My Glass pieces have now all come out the kiln. I’m am pleased with most of the outcomes, especially the piece using the Bullseye glass. Below you can see the pieces.


This is the piece using the Bullseye glass which I think turned out well. I really like how the light comes through it. I was meant to slump it over a mold but I have decided not to do this but make my own mold and slump it over that due to the fact the mold may get trapped and might need breaking, so I should use a mold that I have made rather than one that has been bought.


Here I was also looking at how layers of glass pick up the light. Glass can be laser etched  so I thought about possibly making my layered light out of glass etching the pattern into the glass and fusing the layers together. However I would have to tack fuse the layers so the whole structure didn’t just melt together. I would also be tricky to cut the correct shapes out of the glass but it might be quite interesting to experiment with.



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