Field Stage 2 Of Making

After creating the laser cutting files it was time to actually laser cut! However this came with a few technical glitches. For some reason the laser cutter couldn’t deal with cutting and engraving all the shapes at once so I had to do each shape/layer individually guessing where on the screen to place the shape so it wouldn’t cut over the previous shape. This meant I couldn’t fit quite the  same number of shapes onto the single sheet of plastic, wasting a bit of material which was not idea. However I managed to cut it out the main layers in the end. Below you can see a test on cardboard which went fine however it was when I started the raster engraving things started going wrong. You can also see the successfully cut out layers.

image imageimageimage  image imageimage image imageimage      image

The layers fit together nicely to create the image, and the geometric shapes work well I think. The image isn’t quite a crisp as I would have hoped but, this might change one light is shone through it. This is also partly to do with the size of the piece.



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