Field Group Project Update

After exploring some of our own individual interests we met up as a group again to discuss possible avenues to go down. This took quite a bit of debating trying to decide how we should go about things to include everybody’s interests and to still achieve a collaborative piece.The Ideas that I was intrested in looking into further are below-

*Natures cities- termites mounds, honey bees, beavers, rabbit holes, moles, ants. many borrowing animals. Built a human city based on the same structure and natures but for humans. So termite mounds have built in ventilation shafts and have a social structure based on their design.
*Build a city where everything is opposite. make one appreciate the size of building when look down into a great big hole in the ground. So the city is upside down, maybe take a cast of PD model and turn it on its back. The certain objects of more importance are added making them more prominent, So drains are more of feature, the signage is more of a feature, traffic lights, CCTV, WIFI hotspots, street lights, fire hydrants, manholes, telephone wires.
Build a city into the ground
How objects interact with each other.
Build a map that shows instead of roads, objects that we don’t realise are there.
*Build a city where the building live, they breath, give off heat, require food, move (to an extent) all these things don’t have to be as we humans do but as buildings might.
*City as experienced by other organism, how they sense things differently. Build something based on the heightened sense of other animals. How does a bat experience a city, how does a fly experience the city, what would it “look like” from their point of veiw
We all agreed on looking at routes through the city which showed you and forced you to discover objects that you would otherwise not see and would be hidden within the city, tying in with the theme of hidden city. We decided, to find the routes we would each go on a 30min walk around the city and choose the most interesting route from there. We used an app called Endomondo to track our walks through the city. We all took lots of pictures of things we found interesting to bring back to the group. I liked the random nature of the walks and thought it would be nice if we all started from the same point and spread out, as it would look nice when all our routes were put onto one map.
IMG_1223 IMG_1224 IMG_1225 IMG_1226 IMG_1227
We thought we could design a app which guided you along this route enabling you to discover, in an augmented reality on the app, thing that would have otherwise been unseen and missed in the city. I was really interested in looking at how the city might be viewed through another organisms eye, linking to my Constellation where we had been considering the Umwelt of and organism and how their experience of the world differs from ours. We thought we could make the app have filters which you swiped across and would show the street that you were walking down from another organism eyes, giving you an new experience of that street.
We the met up again and furthered this idea. We thought that we could each choose and area of interest in experiencing the city in a new way and do our own research on that, bringing it to the group and applying it to the app. So on the app you flick through these different experience of the same street, seeing it thought another organism eyes, discovering objects that would otherwise been missed out and learning how animals might fit into the city.
From this point we are going to develop our ideas into individual final outcomes which can fit together to form a coherent collaborative piece.

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