Field Stage 1 of making

Below you can see the process of creating the CAD files. I also needed to convert these files into a readable format for the laser cutter, and fit them into a single sheet of acrylic to save on material.


First I found some routes around the city that had created shapes that I thought might be appropriate for the layers. I used the Company Endomondo who have an app which people use to track their cycle ride and jogs around the city.


I then found a way that all the layers would fit inside each other after a bit of adjustment.


I then drew on the geometric shapes by joining comers with each other in a random form. When the lines intersected they created a geometric shape. I only did this on the bottom layer. then I color coded each layer and colored the geometric shapes which I wanted to go on that layers. I would then move that layer onto the bottom layer and trace that shape onto the layer to form the individual layer with only those geometric shapes. Below you can see each individual layer with its own set of geometric shapes which, when combined together, form the complete geometric shape.


Onto these shapes I applied the image of the city light which I has chosen and edited to bring out the pattern. The image is of the London city light from space. As you can see, when the layers combine (seen from the top) the image comes together.

1 (2)2 (1)3 (1)4 5 (1)  6 (1)      light shapes final1 g(1)combine

I then arranged these shapes to fit onto a single sheet of acrylic, making max use of the materials I had at hand. I made it so each layer would be cut out twice, once with the pattern engraved and once with it not. I think I will use the layers without the pattern and shapes engraved onto them for the idea of using fishing line to join the layers together.

allall 21



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