Glass Workshop

For one of my Wednesday workshop booking I signed up for the glass workshop which is a two part workshop. In the first session we leaned about cutting and fusing glass together alongside trapping pigments and powders and other things like copper foil in-between the layers of glass. I love the effects that one can achieve with glass. I have always been fascinated by the water like properties of glass and the way in which it filters light. I was interested in experimented with layering glass up and see what effects the different powders and materials that I trapped in-between the layers had. The picture below shows the process of cutting glass and trapping the powders and foils in between the layers.

IMG_1088IMG_1089IMG_1087IMG_1091IMG_1093      IMG_1096IMG_1097 IMG_1098 IMG_1099

In the second session we focused on the technique of slumping glass. There are various ways you can slump glass. You can literally drape it over a shape, or you can use a mold to let it drape into as it heats up and melts. We tried both techniques. We cut our desired shapes out of some ceramic fiber and the put a square of glass on top so it would drape over and take the shape we had cut. Then we also chose a mold shape and set up the glass to melt into that shape. The glass in this technique needs to be at least two layers thick, and the mold must have backwash applied to it to make sure it dose’nt react with the glass. I also want to create some nice geometric patterns on my glass so i cut various shards of glass and put it on the top layer. We used Bullseye for this process. You get some really nice colors in Bullseye glass due to the different way it is made.

imageimage imageimageimage

All I need to do now is wait for the pieces to come out of the kiln and see how well they have turned out.


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