Field Project Update

Following our group presentations I needed to think further about my ideas for my project and follow up on the artists suggested the tutors. Looking at the extensive world of pipes and cables that are beneath our feet had led me to explore the data that mapping these pipes cables and also things like people movement and traffic involved, and finding pattern in this data. I wanted too move away from this as it was getting too complex, and focus on my idea of creating form from layering shapes gathered from maps together. I looked at the Boyle family and  their casts of the city then presented as piece in itself on the wall. I was particularly interested by their process by which they selected where in the city the would take a cast or section from to put on the wall. It is a complete random process whereby someone literally throws a dart at a map and they go to that exact location. I thought this was really interesting and I wanted to infuse a similar random nature to my project. I want to get the shapes of my layers from the routes people cycle jog around the city. I couldn’t never control those shapes so there is a random nature to this.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 23.02.01

I also found a really interesting sculpture on the website Postscapes by artist Janet Echelman. It was made out of fibers woven in a massive net which was suspended between two buildings. The sculpture lit it up to become a transparent light; a floating light cloud which was beautiful in itself. The sculpture was also interactive so a person could make their mark on the sculpture using their smartphone they could choreograph lighting onto the sculpture. Inspired by the fibers which lit up I had the idea of creating a light with a stand and many fibers are strung between creating a mesh which light is projected onto and, alongside creating relaxing form and lighting the room, it would also display useful information about the city. However, I thought this was going to be too complex, but I still wanted to use the fibers in some way.

van_echelman_photoemapeter_j3a3696tn_1747_sparks-small1-1397524287    VAN_Echelman_PhotoEmaPeter_J3A4950_editcrvan_echelman_photoemapeter_j3a7480 (1)

I was facilitated by the geometric shapes produced by combining of the many layers. I experimented on sketch up with using the texture and paint tool to put a part of a image on these faces. I realised that the image appeared broken up by the geometric shape when viewed from most angles but when seen from direct face on the image came together and formed a coherent image as if it was just flat. I liked this and how it played with perspective. I decided to take this effect and, instead of having it on the geometric faces, thought it would be really cool if on each layer there were a different array of geometric shapes engraved into the acrylic layers with part of the image on and when the light would be viewed from above the the geometric shapes all fit together to form the image.

D  EW NMcity light ssssevanddevanaa (1)ISS022-E-078463_lrg-001

I had also been experimenting with destructively editing an image, where I would repeatedly apply an effect to the image and from the image areas of the image of intense color would be intensified, creating shapes that would other be hidden within the image, bringing forth the hidden patterns and shapes within the image. I found this a really interesting process and demonstrated how there are many hidden patterns and shapes within images that may seem otherwise quite chaotic. I thought it might be nice to integrate these pattern somehow in to my light design, demonstrating this hidden form and pattern. You can see the process below.

Term 2 Term 21

So I have two/main ideas that I want to pursue further. These are all based around creating layers inspire by trips around the city on bike or jogging. These layers are layers of acrylic cut on the laser cutter. The first design is inspired by the fiber sculpture. In this design the layers are joined by fishing line which then reflects the light in different interesting ways. Each layer will hang from the next and the light will be a hanging light as opposed to a desk light which is what the second design for the light will be more like. I have yet to decided whether I am going to engrave the shapes onto the layers as due to the fact the light will be able to move around the layers probably wont line up. However I might just take and interesting pattern or form that has arises out of destructively editing of a image and  and engrave it onto one or all of the layers.


The second design the layers are layers on top of each other and all the geometric shapes engraved into the individual layers of acrylic fit together to form an image of the city lights from space, linking in with the theme of lighting and viewing something from above. It also speaks of how you how the pattern created by the city lights and our activity in the city is hidden from us until viewed from above (in space).

light shapes final1 g(1) final light other 3  8455431927_82e2d5e6dd_o (1)-002

From here I have various things to think about. I need to think about how I am going to place the LEDs in the the light to give the best lighting effect over the light. I think I might place the LEDs in relation to the image for my second design, so bright spots in the city lights relate to an bright cluster of LEDs. I need to think further on where I am going to place the LEDs of the first design so as to get the max effect from the fishing line and the acrylic layers. I also need to think about wiring as I don’t want  have a nasty black cable to be running through the light. I also like the idea for the second design of having a wooden base which the light sits on. I will also help to bring out the imaged engraved onto the layers I think. Another thing I will consider for the second design is how the layers are going to be attached; whether they are going to be separated a bit or whether they will be flat on each other, and what I will use to attach them together. I might be able to make a feature of this as well. A acrylic rod might be nice for instance or possibly threaded bolt. I also now need to develop the laser cutting files and begin making!


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