Trip To The City

On Monday we made a trip to the city to a location decided by our tutor. My group, all looking at the theme of Hidden City were assigned the location of The Hays in Cardiff. There we carried out some group research as well as some personal research. At first we carried out some drawing studies, one through a viewfinder, and then two mor abstract drawings of the location. I drew what I experienced about the location and the first thing that struct me was how the perspective of the location was very prominent with the lines on the buildings receding into the distance like train tracks. Also how everything in the square seem to centre around the statue. So I did a drawing accentuating the lines of perspective with the statue standing out in the foreground. A member of our group had an interesting idea to write down all the sounds that we heard in the square in 20 mins, instead of drawing what we saw. I took this a bit further and did was what I call a sound drawing whereby for 20min I listened for sounds in the square that stood out for me. I would then write this noise down and place it on the page in relation to where I was hearing it, drawing up a kind of sound map and sound drawing tracking sounds as they moved. From the image one can kind of distinguish where the most common path for people to walk is from the drawing as the sounds are most dense there. I think its interesting that we usually don’t associate sound with a visual imagery, we see it a separate sense, however, whilst it is a different sense, when we hear sounds we try locate them in space linking it back to our sight, therefore sound can be converted into a drawing. We also have 360 “view” of sounds, being able to hear things behind us.


I also carried out some of my own research looking at manholes and trying to envisage what they might lead to underneath the street. When I started looking I realised just how many there are, all connected to a network of cables or pipes. I took a few pictures of the interesting variations in pattern on the manholes. I liked the robust and industrial nature of the man holes; so solid and heavy looking.


Once we had completed our research we made our way over to Cardiff bay to visit the exhibition space and shop Craft In The Bay. I really like the objects in the shop, especially the pottery, but there was also some nice furniture there. It was really good to see it coming directly from the makers and was great that my tutor knew most of them and knew and how they had created the pieces or achieved certain effects. Its a good insight into how freelance artist and craft people make their money. It was also good to see the exhibition ‘The Sensorial Object’ which we learnt a bit about last term. Understanding the context behind the exhibition, understanding the stories of making some of the pieces and knowing the artists who made them was a good experience, seeing it actually all come together in real life as a highly professional real world exhibition. I particularly like Zoe Preec’s work with flux in the kiln and I thought it was presented really nicely. Below are some images of the work in the shop and then a few of the exhibition pieces.IMG_0877 IMG_0902 IMG_0905 IMG_0900 IMG_0901 IMG_0899 IMG_0895  IMG_0884 IMG_0883 IMG_0882 IMG_0881 IMG_0880 IMG_0879 IMG_0878



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