Field Begins

We have just started our new module which is called Field. It is all about developing creative and critical thinking. Our brief is attached below.

IMG_20150201_0001 IMG_20150201_0002 IMG_20150201_0003

I have chosen to look at the Hidden City. I like the idea of looking beyond what we take to be a city; the cars, the houses and skyscrapers, the hustle and bustle of people going about their everyday lives, the shops, the noise and the smell and look at the hidden things that make our cities run and all the things that one doesn’t even notice are there working away whether we have control over it or not, things that are a direct result of the city environment. I would love to see what a city would look like if the buildings were stripped back to the things that made the building function, so all the plumbing and all the wiring was left exposed exposing the guts of the building. I would also be interesting too see what a city would look like from the foundations down. In London complex systems of “tube” transport have emerged underground, and along with that I imagine a whole separate network of drainage and wiring, gas water etc. Its interesting to realize that these things emerge by us simply living in the city and demanding that we are supplied with water and electricity and possible gas as well. Whole systems need devising to work out the complex network of roads in the city, and similar for the utilities.
I am also interested in discovering the pattern that emerged from the chaos of the city. For instance crowds. Although they can seem chaotic, each individual is trying to get to a certain place, sometime many to the same place, and is therefore trying to calculate the quickest way of doing so. It often occurs that more than one person has the same route and so through the multiple interactions of a individual body in the system of the crown, patterns emerge. This is called emergence and happens all over nature. Traffic has similar interesting pattern that emerge over time, when actions are repeated over and over again within a body of individuals.

These are some initial thoughts to go with the city brief. We will now begin researching and developing ideas from our chosen theme. I will be researching further into the hidden working of a city and will explore this emergent property.


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